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Canal Once  is a family-friendly channel offering high quality and diverse Mexican programming that is suitable for all ages. With content that is 100% Mexican, the channel takes audiences closer to Mexico through its vast menu of offerings. Series range from children’s favorites like “Once Niños,” to talk shows dedicated to issues that affect Mexicans all over the world and Mexico news programs featuring segments from local Mexican communities living in the United States. CANAL ONCE is certainly a channel that will spark the interest of all Spanish-speaking audiences.


Documentaries, Children, News, Culture, Talk shows, Game Shows, Interviews, Series, Gastronomy, Debate, Magazine, Music.



It is about the lives of children from different parts of Mexico: from Tijuana, on the northern border, to San Cristóbal de las Casas, in the south of Mexico.

The series also presents viewers with an image of spaces, games and friends of different children all around the country, seen through their own unique perspective, since they host each of the seven 30-minute episodes of this first season.

Mi lugar invites you to see, on this first season: Tlahuitoltepec, Oaxaca; Tijuana, Baja California; Cobá, Quintana Roo; Chacahua, Oaxaca; Suchitlán, Colima; San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas and Mexico City.



Once Noticias (Once Mexico Newscast)
Alguien Mas

What happens when the person you love leaves you for someone else?

This is the story of Arturo Meyer, a young architect who’s abandoned by his girlfriend, Irene Cárdenas.

This breakup drives him crazy. Arturo decides not only to avoid any type of formal relationship but he soon finds out he doesn’t fit anywhere. First he notices that his friends have their own families and so he cannot party with them like before. Then his job seems boring, routinary and non-inspiring at all and he cannot find the opportunity to live his real dreams. On top of everything, getting over Irene is no easy task once she comes back to his life feeling regret and decided not to lose him again.

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This series is about the experience of a child who was passionate about the Mayan culture; his name was Joaquin, and his interest and knowledge caused his classmates to dislike him and they decided to make him a cruel prank. What they don’t know is that, with this prank, they will unravel a series of unexpected and mysterious events that could change history as we know it.


Once Noticias (Once Mexico Newscast) Once Noticias (Once Mexico Newscast)
Once Mexico and its solid team of professional journalists brings you the best quality information. Once Mexico newscasts offer a wide spectrum of national and international news, responsibly and objectively.


La Ruta Del Sabor (Flavors Rute) La Ruta Del Sabor (Flavors Rute)
Miguel Conde, presents a gastronomic adventure; he’ll research, meet and obtain the most common and the most unusual, weird and sophisticated ingredients. Besides, he’ll get together with the experts to prepare typical dishes from different parts of the country and that’s what gives this series its name the flavor route.


Del Mundo al Plato Del Mundo al Plato
“Del mundo al plato” is a series hosted by famous Chef Pablo San Román where he presents people from different parts of the world who live in Mexico City to discover the secrets of their gastronomy and other elements from their culture.
In a dynamic and fun tour, Pablo visits different places in the city to get close to the different groups of foreigners who have arrived to our country and shared their culture through their gastronomy.

The series has thirteen episodes end each one of them will be dedicated to the gastronomy of a different country. That’s why chef Pablo San Román will visit different establishments, people and restaurants that will allow us to know their culinary traditions and the fusions they have made, or not, since their arrival to Mexico.
At the end of every episode, Pablo prepares a dish combining local ingredients and some ingredients from the country they are talking about.  

Some of those countries are: Lebanon, India, Japan, Cuba, Italy, France, England, Germany, China, Spain, Oaxaca, among others.


Diario de Viaje Diario de Viaje
On “Diario de viaje”, famous actor and adventurous traveler, Damián Alcázar visits different cities, towns and streets of some Latin American countries to get to know them in detail getting in close contact with the locals.  Every experience is shown on the program and on his travel diary.

The main objective of this program is to show viewers the experience of a non touristic trip where the script and the anecdotes are improvised and how you can get to know another country by talking to new friends you make along the road.

Voice-off narrated by Damián Alcázar, he tells us where he is, visits different places and meets different personalities in each one of them who talk about the history of that place, its traditions, architecture, food and art. All this happens in beautiful natural landscapes.

The countries visited are: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.


“TAP”, Third Season’s main objective is to give audiences a closer look to the theater creative process, hosted by their favorite actors so they can understand how this performing art is born through the testimony of the experiences, dreams, frustrations, wishes, humor and neurosis involved in the creative process of an actor.
During thirteen one-hour programs the host Oscar Uriel will receive in the studio (Telón de asfalto) thirteen of the best and most memorable actors in the country, whose careers have consolidated internationally. This way, in a free, sincere an intimate conversation, the audience will have the opportunity to explore the life of these characters and they’ll be able to discover some unknown experiences and anecdotes in their careers.

As it usually happens during “TAP”, they will have one guest actor per program. The actors selected for this season are: Ana de la Reguera, Mario Iván Martínez, Verónica Merchant,Dolores Heredia, Margarita Sanz, Damián Alcázar, Cecilia Suárez, Arcelia Ramírez, María Rojo, Adriana Barraza, Demián Bichir, Ernesto Gómez Cruz and Héctor Bonilla.


“Pacientes” is a series of 20 30-minute episodes about the conflicts of five patients that share their lives in a group therapy with their psychoanalyst.

In these episodes, the audience will watch the end of the story of what happens with these six characters in a deep way, because everyone’s problems will be analyzed in more detail.
For the new episodes, the emotional stories behind every patient will be unfolded since there will be revelations and dramatic twists. Marco, who is their psychologist, will face his own problems and that will add some extra drama to the series.  And so, with the concept of “all therapies must end”, we’ll watch the end of a psychic exercise on each one of them. Some will find a solutions and others won’t, just as it happens in real life.

“Pacientes”, is a fiction series directed by Charlie Gore, and produced by Omar Blanco. Starring: Carlos Aragón, Claudette Maillé , Moisés Arizmendi, Leonardo Ortizgris, Damayanti Quintanar, Paulette Hernández among others.


En Materia de Pescado is a TV show that, with the excuse of eating – cooking and looking for food, searches, looks for things, and is nosy about finding the infinite definitions of our Mexican and metropolitan identity. Regardless of the fact that several ingredients are mentioned, tried and prepared, the final emphasis is on fish as a reflection on the abundance that surrounds us and that we don’t explore.

On every program, Marco Rascón, Daniel Giménez Cacho and their guests walk to find something tasty, listen to stories, explore the many different angles that come out of those trips, recognize the Mexico City and the rest of the country story tellers. On every program we’ll talk about a specific topic and eat at the same time. We’ll visit markets and some of the best restaurants of this city. We’ll try to understand why Mexico is a kind of port of arrival for national and international migrations. We’ll also try to understand why a sophisticated restaurant, market or taco stand represents so many things in terms of identity, consolation, history, encounter, acceptance, acknowledgment and reflection of who we are and who we’ve been.


Yo solo se que no he cenado. YO SOLO SE QUE NO HE CENADO (2nd Season)
Bruno Bichir, a philosophic gourmet, is always hungry for knowledge and determined to discover the stories hidden behind the dishes and different places he visits in Mexico; he goes from street food stands to famous restaurants, cantinas, markets and dinners
Bruno falls for the pleasure of flavors and experiences of a certain place. From lunch to dinner Bruno’s mission is to collect culinary and human experiences to share them with his viewers. His compass is an empty stomach that always seems to say: “Yo sólo sé que no he cenado”.


Yo solo se que no he cenado.

Niño Santo
“Niño Santo” is based on the legend of Niño Fidencio, one of the most famous healers in Mexico, whose fame started to spread in the 1920’s in spite of the Catholic Church’s reluctance to acknowledge his abilities.
It all started with a deadly epidemic that affected the southern part of Mexico. Political and health authorities sent a group of three young doctors to vaccinate all the people in the zone and teach them preventive sanitary habits. However, on their way there, the three passed through a town called Aguazul, where villagers mysteriously resisted their visit. Even the town doctor warned them not to try to vaccinate the local people, but the doctors didn’t listen.  That was the start of the journey that would take them to what ultimately became the last town they’d visit.
As the doctors go deeper into the mystery of Aguazul, strange things begin to happen.  In the name of science, they observe great miracles that are completely beyond reality, and all related to the famous Niño, who confronts their rigid scientific arguments with the possibilities of faith.
Niño Santo” is comprised of six episdoes and stars Gabino Rodríguez as El niño, Karla Souza as Lucia, José María de Tavira as Damián, Francisco de la Reguera as Fraca, Harold Torres as Mateo, Gerardo Taracena as Santiago and Noé Hernández as Silvino. David Alcalde and Sebastián Silva directed from a script written by Mauricio Katz and Pedro Peirano.  Pablo Cruz, Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna produced the series.


ONCE_Nuevo rincon de sabor TO

Damián Alcázar “Diario de Viaje”
He’s a great Mexican actor from the state of Michoacan; he has a Bachelor’s degree fom Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA) and then he studied at the Theater Faculty of Universidad Veracruzana.

He has acted in more than 28 Mexican films and 6 foreign films, 24 short films and several cultural programs for TV; some of his films are: “El crimen del padre Amaro”, “Un mundo maravilloso”, “La ley de Herodes”, “Satanás”, “Las Crónicas de Narnia: “El Príncipe Caspian”, “Chico Grande”, “La ley de Herodes”, “El viaje de Teo” and “El infierno”, among others. Nowadays, he’s one of the most highly acclaimed Mexican actors in the world.



General audience, family oriented. Mainly A/B/C, comprised of Spanish speaking people interested in Mexican culture, politics and social issues.