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Latin American Sports is a 24x7rising channel, devoted to full field the sports content’s demands of Latin American audiences in Puerto Rico and the United States, with coverage of events and original productions of the favorites sports from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico: Base Ball, Foot Ball Soccer, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Wrestling, Box and Mexican Rodeo “Charreadas”, among other.  Capturing the 85% of the Hispanic audience demographic. 


  • LAS holds exclusive rights of Puerto Rico Base Ball League games (AAA winter league affiiated to MLB’s), the most important in the island.
  • LAS will produce exclusive shows direct from Puerto Rico with renowned Puerto Rican sport’s stars
  • LAS holds exclusive rights of Cuban Base Ball League
  • Coverage on the most important teams from the “Liga de Ascenso” national soccer league (farm team league)
  • Broadcasting the games from Pacific Mexican League and the LMB the Baseball Mexican League; the best two leagues in Mexican Baseball
  • Sport variety: Baseball, football, box, basketball, wrestling, bull fights, charreadas (rodeo), auto racing, extreme sports, extreme sports
  • Morning fitness shows, sports news, sports analysis, interviews of the most important personalities and events
  • Proven success in Mexico and United States with it’s first channel: AYM Sports has had a great acceptance in Mega Cable, Sky and Cablevision in Mexico and with Comcast and Time Warner in the United States
  • Production quality, experience and production facilities  with more than 8.5 Million Dollars Investment



In 2007, the LBPPR recessed for the first time since its creation in 1939. The Puerto Rico Baseball League, formerly known as "Liga de Béisbol Profesional de Puerto Rico" (lit. "Puerto Rican Professional Baseball League") or LBPPR, is the main professional baseball league in Puerto Rico. The league is comprised of six teams for which the season starts in November and playoffs take place in January. The league's resulting champion participates in the Caribbean World Series.

This league had been covered by open television Channel 6, with 24 matches per season. Last year, these games were covered by Link One – Cable.


Criollos de Caguas
• Leones de Ponce
• Lobos de Arecibo
• Indios de Mayagues
• Gigantes de Carolina
• Santurse

HTV_Y tu que haces hp VOLLEYBALL – Puerto Rico
Long considered the dominant sport among major sports in Puerto Rico, volleyball has enjoyed much popularity since the 1990s, both in its professional and beach volleyball versions. Puerto Rico's Liga Superior de Voleibol has thrived in recent years, both in the men's and women's tournaments.

HTV_Directorio del Sabor hp BASKETBALL – Puerto Rico

Established in 1932, the "Baloncesto Superior Nacional," or BSN (lit. "National Superior Basketball") is the main Puerto Rican men's basketball league. While the league currently features 11 teams, it has had many teams in several cities of the island. The league has produced players that have distinguished themselves in the NBA, European leagues and other leagues.

For the 2009 season, each team will play 30 games in a single-table format. The regular season is followed by a round-robin with the best 8 teams divided into two groups based on regular season standings (1,8,4,5 and 2,7,3,6). The teams play against each other, with the best four moving on to compete in a semi-final series for the best of seven games. The season concludes with the finals, in which two teams compete in the best of seven games.

The Vaqueros de Bayamón are the current leaders in all-time championships with 14. The Atléticos de San Germán have 13, and the Leones de Ponce have 12. .


Latin American male audience, specially Puerto Rican, Cuban and Mexican: A, B, C, D segment


Las Noticias LAS Las Noticias

The most important news of the day! Be informed fast and effectively with the most comprehensive sports coverage from Puerto Rico and other comments about international sports; you’ll find it all on Latín American Sports.

This program is about promoting sport men and women and their professional lives with the last news about baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and other sports; the analysis and results of a sports day in Puerto Rico and the world.

Hosted by Jaime Rullán, Gabriel Acevedo and Ingrid Fernández covering all sports at the “Isla del Encanto".

Las Noticias LAS Sports Icons

Biographical profile which documents parts of the professional and family lives of sports personalities, showing us their adversities and adventures throughout their careers.

Such as:  Cesar Villaluz “El Duende”, “Tinieblas”, José Sulaimán Chagnon, “Pirata Morgan”, Juan Reynoso, Johan Rubén Rodríguez Álvarez, Jhonny Gonzalez, and others more.

Las Noticias LAS Divinas de las Luchas

Five fun ladies leading fighters on adventures outside the Ring, in which viewers will have fun with them on adventures they never would have imagined their heroes in: doing yoga, on camping trips, in an aerobics class or playing a musical instrument.

Hosts and/or Actors:  Eliza Tudon, Nayelli Castillo,  Brenda Hernandez and Priscila Cortez.


LATIN AMERICAN SPORTS presents its viewers with the best programs about physical conditioning, aerobics, spinning and other exercising techniques; all this happens at the gym of a famous fitness specialist called: “Global Fitness”, hosted by the beautiful Olga Gonzalez and several other famous specialists in different disciplines. In every program you can have a good and productive time to learn and practice some of the advice that this dynamic program offers, only on Latín American Sports. 

Global fitness is a program about physical and mental harmony to maintain a balance with the environment and have a good health.
This program is for everyone who likes to be healthy and in good shape; it presents the best tips and training advice you can follow without leaving your home

Hot Moto Hot Moto
Hot Moto is a TV show dedicated to Mexican bikers and presents coverage of all aspects of motorcycling: from a ride with famous people and the numerous motorcycling clubs around Mexico, to the most extreme aspects of this thrilling sports. Thus HOT MOTO TV was born, with a passion for motorcycling presenting audiences and full coverage of day-to-day events, in this exciting world of Mexican motorcycling.