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Canal 22 Internacional is an arts and entertainment channel that offers creative and interesting content with a sophisticated on-air image. All of the expressions of Mexico’s culture and art can be found in Canal 22 Internacional. Featuring award winning documentaries, cultural newscasts, talk shows, international acclaimed stars, Canal 22 Internacional reminds Mexican audiences of their roots, their origins, and their traditions.


Arts, Entertainment, Mexican Cinema (Golden Age), World Classic Cinema, Cultural, Musical, News, Interviews / Debate, Tourism, Documentaries.


La Música con Manzanero


Armando Manzanero returns to Canal 22 Internacional, to share his great talent.

For over 55 years of artistic career he has written more than 400 songs, some of which became internationally famous and have been sung by great singers such as: Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley and Andrea Bocelli; as well as some Mexican singers such as: José José and Marco Antonio Muñiz.

To talk about the life of Armando Manzanero is to talk about the history of romantic music in Mexico; and that is why his presence will be greatly appreciated in this show week after week

Enjoy this unprecedented event among friends; be seduced by the music and history of the most important artists and singers in Mexico and Latin America

During 13 episodes you’ll be able to see Aleks Syntek, Ely Guerra, Celso Piña, Alex Lora and La Sonora Santanera just to mention a few.






Classic and contemporary Mexican Cinema


Canal 22 Internacional presents the best selection of Classic and Contemporary Mexican Cinema.

Actors, actresses and filmmakers that have left their mark on the Mexican Cinematography such as: Pedro Infante, Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”, Santo “El enmascarado de Plata”, María Félix, Sara García, Luis Aguilar, Jorge Negrete y Emilio “El Indio” Fernández; besides, Demián Bichir, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., Arcelia Ramírez, Diana Bracho, María Rojo and Damián Alcázar.

Mexicanos Exitosos Mexicanos Exitosos

Mexicanos Exitosos provides viewers with an intimate look at several individuals who, although they apparently have nothing in common, share a certain level of personal, family or social success.

Every episode of Mexicanos Exitosos will introduce viewers to the artists, entrepreneurs, business people, sportsmen, professionals and celebrities who will take audiences inside their lives, sharing their work, studies, families, hobbies, adaptation process and memories of the cultural shock they faced by moving to and living in the foreign country which is now their home.

La Dichosa Palabra La Dichosa Palabra

La dichosa Palabra Is the only TV program that talks about the Spanish language in an enjoyable and entertaining way. The hosts, all of them experts, present the vast diversity of words, meanings and usages of our language. La dichosa palabra has become the flagship show of Mexican cultural television, and the most celebrated on Canal 22 Internacional.

La Mezcladora La Mezcladora

A documentary series dedicated to visual arts and contemporary design, showcasing the work of Mexican artists.

Xtreme VS. Sport Month Banda Ancha

Keep abreast of cultural events in Mexico and the United States. A reflection of the artistic and cultural wealth of both nations.

Guelaguetza 2014 Guelaguetza 2014 (Specials)

Canal 22 Internacional will air the Guelaguetza 2014LIVE FROM the heart of the state of Oaxaca, capturing the energy and excitement of the celebration’s colors, music and history.

Legends Isabel (Fiction Series)

Isabel, recounts a woman’s passionate battle to become queen, the determination with which she was crowned, the strength she showed when she chose her husband, the temper that defined her reign as a queen and the fight she faced to achieve equality with men.


AB mainly composed by 18 or older Hispanic people interested in Mexican culture and artistic manifestations in Mexico and Latin America