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Canal 22 Internacional is an arts and entertainment channel that offers creative and interesting content with a sophisticated on-air image. All of the expressions of Mexico’s culture and art can be found in Canal 22 Internacional. Featuring award winning documentaries, cultural newscasts, talk shows, international acclaimed stars, Canal 22 Internacional reminds Mexican audiences of their roots, their origins, and their traditions.


Arts, Entertainment, Mexican Cinema (Golden Age), World Classic Cinema, Cultural, Musical, News, Interviews / Debate, Tourism, Documentaries.



El Ministerio del Tiempo

El Ministerio del Tiempo

It is about El ministerio del tiempo (The ministry of time), a production by TVE, Spanish TV, and tells the story of a man of our time who, on every episode, travels to the past with the objective of preventing the past to change.

An autonomous and secret government organization is in charge of controlling every mission, as well as the gates that grant access to past times and that are guarded by the Ministry Patrols, trained so that no intruder from the past can appear in the present and use history to benefit himself.



Bandolera - Canal 22


Sara Reeves a British student of Hispanic literature, captivated by the legend of "Carmen" and all things related to Andalusia, decides to travel to unknown lands looking for adventures and emotions, to fulfill the dream of writing her own novel.
Like Robin Hood, she will come a bandit in order to help the most disadvantaged, at the same time that she falls in love with the policeman who tries to stop her band.

Direction: Rafael de la Cueva. Country: España. Cast: Marta Hazas, Carles Francino, Manuel Bandera, Isak Ferriz, Laura Ramos y Pep Munné.

Awards: Best TV Series at The Costa del Sol XIV International Week of Fantastic Film.


Cinema 22

Cinema 22

Canal 22 Internacional presents the best selection of Mexican Classic and Contemporary Cinema, without commercial pauses, and it includes the reviews of recognized cinema critics: long-play fictional cinema, documentary and short-play cinema together in one spot: Cinema 22.





A road trip-style documentary program, that journeys through major cities of the United States in search of the best and most original tacos, tortas and tamales, as well as other culinary and cultural expressions.

Over eleven episodes, we visit various American destinations such as San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York, to document how the Mexican community and its delicious cuisine have been taking over U. S. territory.

Read sinopsis file.


Grandes Figuras del Arte Mexicano Grandes Figuras del Arte Mexicano

This is a series that describes the life and works of several characters who have forged the history, culture and art of Contemporary Mexico: Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Octavio Paz, María Félix, and Juan Rulfo, among others.

La dichosa palabra

La Dichosa Palabra

This is the most important Mexican cultural television show and the most recognized in our signal in the United States.

For 12 seasons, Laura García, Pablo Boullosa, Germán Ortega and Eduardo Casar respond to the spectators´ doubts about the use of our language in a pleasant and not solemn way, as well as about the origin and significance of some words.


AB mainly composed by 18 or older Hispanic people interested in Mexican culture and artistic manifestations in Mexico and Latin America





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