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CB Tu Televisión Michoacán is one of the leading cable channels in Michoacan and 13 additional states. A local view of the daily lives of people from the State of Michoacan both in Mexico and abroad.


News, Entertainment, Panel / Debate, Sports, Magazine, Music, Cultural.




CBTV Noticias De corazón Jaripeyero

Rodeo (jaripeo in Spanish) is presented in an original and unique way: “De corazón jaripeyero” is a program that Hispanic audiences identify immediately; it’s hosted by Victor Pose and it presents the best and most important events in Michoacán and the rest of the country.


CBTV Noticias Gigantes del Jaripeo

If we talk about experience and positioning then we are talking about “Gigantes del Jaripeo” a very famous program in the world of jaripeo in Michoacán and the United States, that has been able to position itself in the mind and preference of Hispanic audiences.


CBTV Noticias CB Deportes

The world of soccer has no frontiers and a program called CB deportes is aware of it. It presents special coverage of the first division soccer Michoacán team “Monarcas Morelia”.

They interview the players, the coach and air the games; that is what Hispanic audiences need to follow the passion of their soccer team in the United States.  

They present special coverage of the main and most important Michoacán sportsmen and women, presenting their success and achievements so that our countrymen are informed about sports in Michoacán.


CBTV Noticias Línea por Línea

Interest in Michoacán and Mexican politics is present wherever there are Hispanics: That’s why Línea por Línea, talks about the main social and political topics in Mexico.


CBTV Noticias Cb Noticias

Living in the United States doesn’t prevent Mexicans from being interested about the news from Michoacán and Mexico.

There are 4 news programs that present the news in an honest, professional and timely manner.

There are 4 different times:

CB Noticias Morning
CB Noticias Afternoon
CB Noticias Evening
CB Noticias Night

CB Televisión news programs keep Mexico and the U.S. well informed, about the most important news.


CBTV Noticias

Voz y Solución

All Hispanics deserve to be heard about different issues and “Voz y Solución” offers its microphone for that purpose, providing assistance and a solution to their problems.

“Voz y Solución” is Michoacán’s favorite show.


CBTV Noticias

Michoacán si tiene de que presumir

It’s a program that makes people from Michoacán feel proud and show off their natural beauties, gastronomy, culture and above all, their own people.

Michoacán si tiene de que presumir, is a show dedicated to promoting tourism and present the most beautiful qualities of Michoacán: its flavors, traditions, places and people.



General audience. Michoacanos living in the United States, Mexicans and Mexican-Americans from or interested in Central and Southwestern Mexico.