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Ecuavisa Internacional offers the best of Ecuadorian television in one international channel.  Viewers get to experience what is currently happening in Ecuador in the world of sports, news, politics, social issues, and the best of Ecuadorian telenovelas including El sereto de Toño Palomino  (Toño Palomino Secret) and more.


News, Entertainment, Soccer, Telenovela, Comedy, Interview / Debate, Series, Tourism, Panel.



ECUA_Televistazo of 05 primera im SP Televistazo (Televistazo News)
This is Ecuavisa’s best known news program, where you will find the most important events both national and international. This program is produced in Quito and is hosted by Alfonso Espinoza de los Monteros and Teresa Arboleda in Guayaquil, both anchors with several years of experience, credibility and respect.
This news program is characterized for being everywhere news is being generated both in and out of the country due to its big network of correspondents  in several places in  Ecuador and its affiliated channels in different parts of the world and those who provide information.
The sports segment is hosted by famous journalist Fabián Gallardo, who night after night presents the most important sports news. As in any other news program, there is a space dedicated to show business. Extrovert Samantha Mora is in charge of a segment called 'Gente' where she keeps everyone updated about show business events.

Ecua_las zuquillo webpage En Contacto
Efrain Ruales, Úrsula Strenge, Diego Spotorno and María Teresa Guerrero present the morning program that makes Ecuadorians happy. Every day they present different reports with specialists and guest artists in a space full of humor, music and advice for your well being, with interesting and entertaining segments such as: Machos bajo la lupa, Farandulight, Realidades Urbanas, Comunidad and Machos Revelados, also learning about dance therapy, nutrition, beauty, parades, make up, fashion and presenting artists who visit the set every day. En Contacto our viewers will greatly enjoy their mornings

Ecua_las zuquillo webpage Desde Casa
Desde Casa is a program aimed 100% to Ecuadorians who live abroad and their families. A program with national topics full of entertainment, culture and social service. With a nostalgic touch, its main objective is to express the Ecuadorian’s feelings through phone calls, news reports, fun, legal counseling, among others. Desde Casa will be their window to the world; all this with the special flavor that “only Ecuadorians can offer other Ecuadorians” The main goal is “to make them feel at home”, to be a bridge between immigrants and their families in a fresh, entertaining and interesting way for all types of audience. Viewers to this program, both in Ecuador and abroad will be able to express their thoughts becoming an essential part of the program with messages and free phone calls. Hosted by Andrea Rendón, Samantha Mora and Marcelo Ponce.

Ecua_las zuquillo webpage Alfombra Roja
Samantha Mora, will tell us about national and international show business. She will present reports about the last musical and artistic news in a fresh and entertaining way. The host will present the audience with the best in social events and famous people who are making history.


Ecuavisa Campeonato Futbol SOCCER ECUADORIAN LEAGUE

During the 2015 Soccer Ecuadorian League we will air games for the following teams: Barcelona, River Ecuador, El Nacional, Independiente, Deportivo Quito and Universidad Católica; There will also be a great technical and tactical analysis performed by the Ecuavisa Deportes team of commentators.

Don’t miss the games of the Ecuadorian League on Ecuavisa internacional.


AB/C; General Audience or interested in Ecuador and South America