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Latinoamerica Television is a family-oriented entertainment channel from leading Uruguay broadcaster, Canal 12. With programming dedicated to the entire South American population, the channel focuses on pan regional news and offers a variety of programs from countries including Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia among others. The channel’s first-rate programming lineup includes sports, documentaries, travel, children’s shows, live music concerts, talk and game shows as well as one of the most recognized and credible newscasts in the region.


Regional News, Entertainment, Telenovela, Interview / Debate, Journalism, Tourism, Edutainment, Series and Children.


LTV_Latinoamerica noticias primera im SP La Lola
Lalo is the editor of a men's magazine and an incurable womaniser. He dumps Romina after a night of passion, and she in return casts a spell on him, turning him into a woman...
LTV_Latinoamerica noticias primera im SP Machos
It tells the story of Ángel Mercader and his seven sons: Alonso, Armando, Ariel, Alex, Adán, Amaro and Antonio. The plot is about the patriarch’s conflicts; he’s a conservative and authoritarian man who always imposes his will before his sons regardless of how old they are.
LTV_Latinoamerica noticias primera im SP Telemundo 12
A serious and committed team with the current events. In each transmission makes the summary and analysis of the local information from Uruguay.  Hosted by Aldo Silva, Claudia García and Alberto Kesman.
LTV_Latinoamerica noticias primera im SP Telediario
The Central News from Telefuturo of Paraguay. It contains a summary of the main news generated every day in this country.
LTV Teletrece Teletrece (Teletrece Newscast)
Summary and analysis of local Chilean information, prepared exclusively for Latinoamérica Televisión.


LTV_Valentin Rodriguez Bau TO Valentín Rodríguez Bausero- “Latinoamerica Noticias”
Valentin started to develop as a journalist in Argentina where he served as the head of news broadcasts and conductor of journalistic content. He has now returned to Uruguay to prepare reports for a local channel after being away from his homeland for several years. Valentin has headed the Press Department and currently leads the central newscast Latinoamerica Noticias (Latin American News).


A,B,C; General Audience interested in South America (Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia y Venezuela)