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AyM Sports provides 24x7 coverage of all the sports action in Mexico with live matches from the 2nd division of soccer and exclusive broadcasts of Mexican wrestling (lucha libre), rodeo (charreadas) and college sports to off-road auto racing, Mexican baseball, and much more!


Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, College sports, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wrestling (lucha libre), Auto racing, Charreadas (rodeo), Extreme sports, Rugby, Cycling, Golf, Fishing, Fitness among others.



AyM Béisbol Béisbol LMB (Mexican Major Baseball League)
AYM SPORTS brings to you the most important baseball league in Mexico: the MBL (Major Baseball League) to play in the winter leagues, alongside many of their U.S. counterparts, who are true baseball figures on the national and international scene. Follow the best plays and the spectacular actions of Mexican baseball.


AyM Béisbol Fútbol Soccer 1A (1ST A Division Soccer)
The second major soccer league in Mexico, a country rooted in soccer tradition. Follow up on the forthcoming values and promises in Mexican soccer and explore a new and interesting market that includes television and advertising coverage in ballparks and cities across Mexico where the local team is closely followed and deeply loved.


AyM Béisbol Lucha Libre AyM (AyM Wrestling)
AYM SPORTS cameras are present in Mexico's most outstanding sanctuaries to capture all of the motion and relevance of the best wrestling matches worldwide. Enjoy the best shows and discover information about the best Mexican wrestlers with our lively commentators.

AYM Sports Liga Mexicana del Pacifico

Liga Mexicana del Pacífico (LMP)
Winter League (So-called because it is held from October to January) is a pro baseball league in wich tha majority of Mexican baseball players, U.S. AAA leaguers and a few active Mexican palyers in the Major Leagues participate. Currently the most competitive league in Mexico. Notably, the champion team will represent Mexico in the Caribbean Series held in February, against Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela champs.






AyM Béisbol Fútbol Sin Censura

Program dedicated to sports polemics in which the day’s sports news topics are debated by experts such as: Carlos Albert, Alejandro Gómez, José Luis Adame, Jorge Witker, Enrique Beas, Miguel Ramos Rizo and Cristina Yañez, who take the best and worst and debate it without limits; no holds are barred, with real, objective analysis of everything that goes on in the kicking sport: soccer.
Hosts and/or Actors: Carlos Albert, Alejandro Gómez, José Luis Adame, Jorge Witker, Enrique Beas, Miguel Ramos Rizo and Cristina Yañez.
Hot Fitness Hot Fitness
A program dedicated to fitness in Mexico, covering all disciplines in this area. Hosts Karina Robledo and America Ramirez guide us through step by step with special guest athletes as well as stars from the entertainment industry. Hot fitness is presented in a magazine format with a length of 24 minutes. It is broadcast daily and today is seeking to position itself among the top-rated TV sports shows. Hot Fitness promotes and spreads the hottest topics in sports, in an intense, daring, versatile manner; mixing sensuality and sports disciplines in a dynamic and entertaining and showing different places where said sports are played, such as gyms, sports clubs, eco-tourism locales and alternative venues. The subject matter is directly to better performance and physical fitness with responsibility, which allows us to explore athletes’ physical, mental, and emotional health thus helping to exalt beauty, creaying a lifestyle different from others.
Divinas de las Luchas Divinas de las Luchas

Five fun ladies leading fighters on adventures outside the Ring, in which viewers will have fun with them on adventures they never would have imagined their heroes in: doing yoga, on camping trips, in an aerobics class or playing a musical instrument. Hosts and/or Actors: Eliza Tudon, Nayelli Castillo, Brenda Hernandez and Priscila Cortez.
Sports Icons Sports Icons

Biographical profile which documents parts of the professional and family lives of sports personalities, showing us their adversities and adventures throughout their careers. Such as: Cesar Villaluz “El Duende”, “Tinieblas”, José Sulaimán Chagnon, “Pirata Morgan”, Juan Reynoso, Johan Rubén Rodríguez Álvarez, Jhonny Gonzalez, and others more.
Basketball a fondo Basketball a Fondo

All the information you need about basketball, “Basketball a fondo” presents and analyzes CIBACOPA results, and also presents the best plays of the week in the NBA. This sportscast also comments on one movie each week.


General Mexican audience, male skewed; A, B, C, D.